Rental Chairs Needed

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Not furniture, we need YOU, preferably two of you to take over our Club’s Facility Rental business. One of our primary sources of income is coordi-nating and managing the Club-house rentals. If you have landlord experience or want OJT, this is the job for you!


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It’s been a very long time since anyone in our Club has been expecting so we are excited about our Treasurer Vickie Ortiz’s blessed event‐to‐come! To add a little fun for the rest of us, we are doing a 50/50 pool! Pick a blue or a pink ticket for $1 or 6 for $5 at the November and December luncheons. The lucky winner will get half the pool with the rest going to the March of Dimes, once the gender is determined. GOOD FUN FOR A GOOD CAUSE!

CONSERVATION Meets 3rd Thursday at 11:30 AM

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Our department commemorated Arbor Day by planting a European fan palm tree in our side yard by the parking lot.