ARTS CSP Meets Nov. 20th Thursday at 11am AM Contact: Lois Nuber or Bev Long

One of the Arts CSP’s big projects is the annual Arts & Crafts Competition, held at our Clubhouse at the November General Membership Luncheon. We encourage every club member in any CSP to enter original artwork, photographs and crafts of almost any kind. All entries must be brought to the Clubhouse on Wednesday, Nov. 6th, from 9am until 12noon and Thursday, Nov. 7th, 9am-11am. All entries will be judged on Thursday, Nov. 7th at the Luncheon. / Then on Saturday, Nov. 23rd, from 10am to 12noon , we will have an “Arts Day” with the kids at Anchor-age Children’s Home to make bracelets they can keep or give to someone as a gift. All Club mem-bers are invited to participate in helping these children enjoy a welcomed break. For more infor-mation, ask Gloria Lovers. / Our next meeting is Thursday, Nov. 20th, 11:00am at The Wine Dog.

Thursday at 12 Noon

Contact: Nancy Wyatt or Peggy McLane

As Norma Scheer explained at the Open House last month, our CSP has a wide range of in-terests. We are sponsoring two turtle “patients” at Gulf World Marine Institute. When they are strong enough, our turtles will be released back into the wild. / We are also members of the Arbor Day Foundation. We plan to plant two crape myrtle trees on the clubhouse grounds. We also received permission from the Board to put up a birdhouse on our property. So much of their natural habitat has been damaged, our feathered friends need places to nest as much as we do! / Our next meeting is Thursday, November 21st, at the St Andrews Yacht Club. For more information about our CSP, contact Nancy Wyatt or Peggy McLane.

EDUCATION CSP M No Meeting this month. Contact: Allison Mizell

Supporting Girls, Inc has been a major project of Education for the last 4 years. In addition to tutoring every week, our Education members generously donated 20 board games to replace those lost in the hurricane and 30 containers of disinfecting wipes to help keep the new loca-tion clean. / On November 8th, Girls Inc asked us to work at their big Boots & Bling fundraiser This is a huge event featuring an upcoming country music artist from Nashville. They will have a silent auction and a delicious meal furnished by The Wicked Wheel on Panama City Beach. Tickets for this event sold out weeks ago. Our members will work from 5-10pm, doing registration, and working the si-lent auction and the photo booth. / Education is hosting the November luncheon. Please send your department reservations to Imogene Vickers as quickly as possi-ble. She’d love to have them by November 1st. / Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we will not have a November department meeting. We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20th at 11:30 AM

Contact: Deborah Black or Verna Payne

With BIG help from several other CSPs who worked alongside our members, our Home Life team pulled together for a successful luncheon in October! We want to give special thanks to Darcie Brooks, Jane Groom, Bev Long, Catherine Thrasher, Imogene Vickers and so many others for their help. / Our small CSP highlighted our activities at the Open House. We will maintain our relationship with the Salvation Army’s Domestic Violence program and Bethel Village this year. We presented a check for $250 to the Salvation Army. / After all of our work with the Luncheon, we did not have a CSP meeting in October but we will meet at O’Charley’s on 23rd Street on Thursday, November 20th, at 11:30am. Join us!

No November Meeting

Contact: Dianne Hodges

Our plans for the International Students’ Party on Thursday, Nov. 14th are well underway. We expect between 80-100 students, staff and chaperones! Neysa Semmler will emcee for us. We are hoping for additional entertainment. This is an all-Club CSP event. We will decorate the day before. We ask each CSPs to bring a tray of sand-wiches and tray of sweets or fruit. Please bring your trays by 9am. / We will also collect canned goods and non-perishable foods at the November General Membership Luncheon for local food banks in honor of World Food Day. Please check the expiration dates—we cannot use foods past their prime. We al-so have UNICEF boxes on each table. Your spare changes can make real change in the world. / We also thank the Education CSP for swapping Luncheon hosting dates with us. We will host the April 2020 Luncheon instead.

PUBLIC ISSUES Meets 2nd Wednesday at 11:30 AM Contact: Catherine Thrasher

At our October meeting we discussed the Club’s Open House on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd. / We really appreciate Trina Klein volunteering to provide cookies and Donna Thompson/Manuel & Thompson Law Firm for donating the ice and water for our tent at the November 11 Veterans Day parade. / We are cooking and delivering lunches and treats for local police departments, firehouses and first responders this year. Tami McNine and Becky Danka cook lunch at the American Legion for very grateful veterans each week. / Darcie Brooks and Catherine Thrasher have also volunteered at the Bay County Historical Society. / This month, we will make plans to host the December 5th General Membership Luncheon. We will also be sell-ing tickets for our January 14th BUNCO fundraiser at the November and December Lunch-eons. We will use these funds for our WW2 and Korean War Veterans at a Valentine’s Day Luncheon at the American Legion on February 7th. We are busy but it is worth it!

YOUTH Meets 3rd Thursday at 6 PM Contact: Jane Rigby or Kathy Mills

At our October meeting, we feasted on spaghetti with Cecile’s famous sauce and whole lot more. Our equally famous fundraiser dinner auction at Victoria’s Last Bite has been con-firmed. Judy Tinder and Jane will finalize the menu. We will open the doors at 5PM for a pre-dinner “sip & see” all the items to be auctioned off, then eat at 6, and begin the auction immediately thereafter. YOU MUST RSVP for this event and pay at the door. BYOB. / To ac-commodate the Arts CSP, we agreed to host the February General Membership Luncheon. We liked our plans for a Roaring Twenties & Prohibition theme. Please save your booze bottles for our table decorations! / Note that we will not have a December meeting. We will met in January to finalize plans for the February Luncheon. Happy Thanksgiving!