From our President Stephanie Cantrell

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean

As I finish the first fiscal year of my term and look back, I think, What an exciting year it has been.No organization can run with one person at the helm. It truly takes a team to accomplish great things. Thank you to each and every one of you.

We have finally turned the corner of COVID19 and hope we do not have another relapse to the past days of stayathome orders, illnesses, and deaths. This club has had its fair share of adjusting our sailsthese last three years. Well, we have weathered the storm and come out the other side.

On Federation Day, Saturday, April 24th, we held an event for all of our members. It was a time of celebrating, congratulating, and of remembering those who came before us in this Club. GFWC Florida President Dianne Foerster joined us by Zoom. We recognized 74 current members of our Club who have been members for 10 years or more. They received their Years of Service pin, a GFWC car magnet and a rose stem from GFWC Florida President, Dianne Foerster. A big thank youto Donna Thompson, Darcie Brooks, and all of the members who helped to make this years Federation Day special. Congratulations to all of you who have been members for at least 10 years or more.

GFWC Florida Annual Convention is scheduled for May 1416, 2021, in Orlando. Please consider attending and being a delegate for our Club. Early registration time has passed, but you can still register to attend. Registration is available online at You must create a log in to access the Members Only portal. Do you wonder where those GFWC tshirts come from? The Convention and the website. You can also purchase GFWC swag online.

Mark your calendar for the next GFWC Florida District 2 meeting, June 5, 2021. Good news, no carpooling needed. The meeting will be hosted by GFWC Gulf Coast Womans Club at Grace Presbyterian Church with registration begin- ning at 9:00 AM. It is a wonderful time to meet other Club members and to talk about best practices and network opportunities. Your CSP coordinator will take your reservations and the $15 lunch fee. Its always a lot of fun. I hope to see many of you there.

Enjoy your summer break. After the May General Luncheon meeting, we will not meet as a group until our Welcome Backluncheon in September. Your Board of Directors will keep the Club running this summer.

Once again, I want to thank you all for your support to me, to this Club, and to this community this past club year.

With Love, Respect and Kindness,


WELCOME HOME: Our Clubs Community Improvement Project (CIP) Report Linda Teilmann, Chair

The Welcome Home Project has received requests for two new families. Neither family have a confirmed place to live. However, our team will start fulfilling their needs lists as soon as possible so it will be ready when they get the approval to move. This will make a total of 5 families served. To fully meet the familiesneeds, next month we will meet with the five agencies in a joint effort to better serve the families: Panama City Housing Authority (rental fund- ing); Bay District Schools (social workers, utility deposit assistance donated furniture delivery); Family Social Ser- vices (small appliances, dishes & clothes); Habitat for Humanity (furniture delivery); and Salvation Army (utility assistance).  Inhouse, Club member Verna Paynes daughter donated two twin beds and mattresses, which were picked up by Bay District Schools personnel. If you have any gently used furniture that you would like to donate, please contact me for pickup arrangements.



Starting in September: Meeting on 2nd Tuesday at 9:30 AM Location TBD

Contact: Shelli Hampton or Anna Westbrook
The Arts and Culture CSP held its last meeting of the year on Thursday, April 22, at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club. A whopping 15 members attended our largest gathering in over a year! We had such a great time that we forgot to take a picture at the meeting. / The group voted on changing our meeting date. Starting in September, we will meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:30 AM. Hookers, Knitters and Bookies will move their meeting time to 12:00 PM (still on the second Tuesday). / Gloria Lovers and Shelli Hampton contributed food for the Federation Day Celebration held on Saturday, April 24th the event was beautiful! / We hope everyone has a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing even more of our members in September!

TThe Arts & Culture CSP met on Thursday, January 28th, at “The Press” downtown for our monthly meeting. We all had fun seeing each other and plan-ning our next events – even though it was a bit noisy at times! We enjoyed the coffee and crepes and missed our members who were unable to attend. We made plans for our next project: Art in a Bag – a DIY project for the Anchorage Children’s Home that we will prep at our next meeting. We voted on increasing our contribution to the Paul Brent Youth Art Contest, as well as providing addition-al assistance with the contest. We made tenta-tive plans to help with our Club-wide CIP project when we get additional guidance. / Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 25th at 10:00 AM at Shelli Hampton’s home. Jane Linn and Shirley Buddi will be hostesses.


Meeting on Wednesday, May 12th at 11:30 AM at the Clubhouse Contact: Stephanie Cantrell or Darcie Brooks

CEO did not meet in April but we will meet in May. Please bring greeting cards so that we can write
thank you notes to veterans taking Honor Flights. The Honor Flight Network organizes flights and
site visits to US war memorials for veterans who served in WW II, Korea and Viet Nam as well as
veterans of any era who are terminally ill. Learn more about this wonderful program at



Meeting on Tuesday, May 25th, at 11:30 AM at Olive Garden Contact: Cheryl Wisner or Pamela Klinert

In April, we assembled and delivered Easter baskets filled with treats for our adoptedautistic studentsclass at Lucille Moore Elementary School and for the deaf studentsclass at Hiland Park Elementary School. As you can see, the children were so pleased. / May is Teachers Appreciation month. We are planning to do something nice for Ms. Foster and Ms. Nixon. / Please join us at our last lunch meet- ing on the 4th Tuesday, May 25th, at 11:30 AM at Olive Garden. / PS. Please keep saving those plastic lids and tops. We are planning other project this Fall.


Meeting on Tuesday, May 25th at 1:00 PM at Uncle Ernies TIME & LOCATION CHANGE Contact: Almeda Huffaker or Cheryl Picken

We had a delightful evening bird watching at St. Andrews State Park with local Audubon President Mary Jo Capra. We identified many bids and ended the evening with a picnic. / We gave 40 pounds of newspapers to the Lynn Haven Animal Shelter and a bag of plastic tops to Education CSP. / Although Earth Daywas in April, Rise Above Plasticsadvoca- cy is important yearround. We can all help our Earth and reduce easily waste by: (1) Keep reusable cloth shopping bags handy. (2) Skip bottled water always carry a reusable bottle instead. (3) Look for produce and other items that arent overpackaged in plastic. (4) Encourage others, especially young people, to volunteer at a beach cleanup. Help pick up plastic debris that birds and marine life mistake for food. Lets all do our part to keep our Earth a beautiful place to live. / Our last meeting of the year will be at Uncle Ernies Bayfront Grill on Tuesday, May 25th, at 1 PM.


Meeting on Wednesday, May 26th, at 11:30 AM at OCharleys Contact: Verna Payne

Our CSP was proud to donate $300 last month to our local Meals on Wheels program which is run by the Council on Aging. / At our April meeting, we had a special presen- tation by Chari DAlbertis on home safety. More than 160,00o Americans die as a re- sult of an accident. Unintentional household injuries make up 75% of those deaths (2019 statistic) so understanding the perils and preventing injury at home is really important. / Wednesday, May 26th, is our last meeting this year. Kimberly Garbett, Director of the Salvation Armys Domestic Violence Program will be our speaker. Our CSP has long supported this important program. Learn more at https:// Join us at 11:30 AM at OCharleys for information, fellowship and free pie!


Meeting on Thursday, May 13, at 6:00 PM at the Clubhouse Contact: Jane Rigby or Kathy Mills

Our CSP pledged $1000 toward the refurbishment of the ladies restroom. Jane Rigby, Jamie Shepard and Clubhouse Manager Becky Cochran met with a contractor to remove and replace the sinks, faucets and countertops. We also considered replacing the flooring tiles and toilets. Our aspirations have exceeded our assets so we are on hold for the time being. The stageside/mens restroom has a fresh coat of paint plus repairs to the ceiling and walls, so pro- gress is being made. / We have been quite active with time and financial support to the Clubs CIP Welcome Homeproject (see page 2) / We also received a $200 donation from the family of long time Youth CSP and Club member Louise Clements who passed away last year. We will determine how to best use that donation to further our goals./ Please join us Thursday, May 13th, at 6PM for our last meeting of this Club year. We are ordering dinner so please RSVP to Ann Silcox, Kathy Mills or Jane Rigby.

WE WELCOME OUR NEW CLUB MEMBERS: Normandy Cooper (Arts), Sharon May (TDB) and Debbie Peacock (Education)