The Bee Line

The Bee Line from President Merle Johnson

I hope everyone enjoyed the September luncheon’s Fall into Football. I was unable to attend,
due to back problems, and Nancy Wyatt, the chairperson for the luncheon, had a car accident
and was also absent after knee surgery. But we heard rave reviews. We both want to thanks
everyone who helped make it such a success.

If you attended the luncheon or a meetting at the Club, I am sure you saw the dramatic improvement inside. I, several other members and outside volunteers undertook the monumental
task of prepping and painting our meeting rooms. 310 volunteer hours and $900 spent on
supplies saved us $6000! We also thank Public Issues for paying for materials and recruiting
the Bay County Sheriff’s Office to fabricate the handsome cornices showcasing our windows.

I also hope this is the start of a very good year for you and our Club. We have 6 members going
to Orlando for Fall Board, and 12 members already signed up for the District 2 meeting in
Apalachicola on October 12. We have several members who have had surgery and health
issues so we need everyone to step up and fill the void until we are back at 100%. If you are
asked to volunteer in a different way, please say YES!
See you at the October Luncheon!