The Bee Line

The Bee Line from President Merle Johnson

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun summer break. Several of us spent the summer preparing for the upcom-ing club year. Four of your state board members attended Summer Planning in July at the GFWC Tampa Woman’s Club. We had a very busy time planning for two years in only two days! One of the key items discussed was our New International President, Mary Ellen Brock’s “7 Grand Initiatives”. They are called “7 Grand Initiatives” as each of them has 1,000 as a goal. The “7 Grand Initiatives” are: 1) That 1,000 clubs will do a service project on Martin Luther King Day, January 21, 2019; 2) That members will plant 1,000 trees on Arbor Day; 3) That members donate 1,000 pairs of used shoes to Soles 4 Souls or Nike “reuse-a-shoe”; 4) That members donate 1,000 Dr. Seuss books by March 2020; 5) That 1,000 members join the Legislative Action Center; 6) That members do 1,000 pro-jects devoted to women in the military; and 7) That 1,000 members donate $1,000 to the Capital Campaign. All of these “7 Grand Initiatives” are very attainable. Let’s start planning!
• Your club was represented by 7 members and an honorary booster at National Night Out, an event held across the nation on the first Tuesday in August . We distributed W.H.A.L.E. kits with only a few drops of rain.
• Your club was represented at the the 14th Judicial District’s Immigration and Naturalization Ceremony held at the Bay County Courthouse. Thanks again to Vickie Ortiz for having flags flown in US Air Force jets to be given to the “youngest” and the “wisest” new citizens. If you have not attended one of these emotional and patriotic events, you are missing out. Next one is in September.
• Our next big event is the District 2 Day of Service. Merle and I attended last year and had a great time as we visited with members from all 16 clubs in our District and made 52 dolls for Operation Smile. If you can work a pencil, scissors, sewing machine or broom – we can use you. Let’s show District 2 what Panama City can do!It is May 2018 – the end of my administration of the Woman’s Club of Panama City. I would
like to thank every member of our organization for their help in making this a great two years
for me and for the club. We are a wonderful group of ladies who care very much for our
community and we give back every day in many different ways. I look forward to continue
working with every one as we find new and better ways to help those in need.
Now is a good time for each and every one of you to find programs, projects and events that
you would like to work with. It is the members who make all of our endeavors successful.
So find a way to use your talents and strengths as we enter a new beginning with a new
president. Remember, we are a service organization and we depend on each and every one
for your contributions of time and support. “Bee” all that you can be in the Woman’s
Again, I thank you for your support. Merle Johnsontion and you are the backbone of this club. You make a difference in
our community.