The Bee Line

From our President Stephanie Cantrell
Spring is here, and I am looking forward to the beautiful new life that will emerge. We are all looking forward to a rebirth and change for our beloved community. The past few months have been dreary and seem to have brought us down to our lowest level of enthusiasm. But now it is time to “Spring” to our feet and get going! Many things are in the works for our Club and we need ALL our members to help to get back on track. Please remember that every member – YOU – will be needed to bring our club back to its role as a respected community leader of caring and giving to our area. We are here to serve our community and right now it desperately needs us. So, Spring” to your feet and get moving!
With azaleas in bloom and spring on its way, we are making slow progress in rebuilding our Clubhouse. To help organize our efforts, I have recruited 8 members to lead the Rebuilding Committee. Nearly everything we had was damaged during the hurricane and its damp, moldy aftermath. We received an SBA disaster loan and generous contributions from the Moore Family Foundation, the St Joe Foundation and the State GFWC. Many of you have an-swered our plea to “buy” ceiling tiles and chairs. We must focus on fundraising more than ever and the Garage Sale on April 6th is a good way to do it. Now’s the time to clear out your unwanted furniture and household treas-ures that are still in good shape and useful. No clothes please. Please pre-price your items and bring them to the clubhouse Friday. If you need help getting it here, please let me know. We will have some helpers with trucks or trailers. / As pleased as we are that new members are joining our Club, we are equally saddened by the passing of members who helped build it. Rena Hammett joined our Club in 1991. Rena served as House Chairman for many years and was well loved member of Home Life CSP. Charmian Cretney also passed after a long illness. Like Rena, she joined in 1991 and was a lively presence in International Outreach. She often drove the Gemcar at our lunch-eons and lit up the stage in our Mystery Dinner Theater events. Both of these ladies will be missed. / We will contin-ue to move forward as a great organization, building on the foundations laid over so many years. We will welcome America’s newest citizens at the Naturalization Ceremony on March 1st at the County Government Center – truly a moving event. It makes your heart swell with patriotic pride! Then many of us will head to Chipley on Saturday, March 2nd for the District Arts & Crafts Competition featuring some outstanding works of art and handicrafts by our talented members. Our new State GFWC President will be on hand as well. / So much good work is happening in our departments. Please commit yourself to participating in your own CSP events and others. Remember, we are resilient, resourceful and ready for whatever comes next, thanks to your dedication and commitment to our Club.